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tyre Puncture sealants

Car tyre sealant helps improve your car’s tyre performance and durability. Say bye-bye to flat tyres. Save on puncture repair cost and enjoy an extended life-span for your tyres.


Tires are an important part of a car and should be treated with care. One way to keep your tires in good condition is to use a tire sealant.

Tyre sealants for car’s tyres is an innovation that has changed the tyre industry completely. All over the world, car owners are beginning to make tyre sealant kit a must-have before embarking on any journey.

With tyre sealant, you can drive with ease knowing that your tyres are protected against all punctures within 6mm diameter. It’s easy to see why so many drivers are turning to tyre sealant

It also helps improve fuel efficiency and maintains your tyre’s pressure. No more flat tyre or puncture repair as our tyre sealant will instantly fill every puncture with its fast sealing adhesive gel.

Our Tyre protector works very well in old tyres and new tyres. Unlike other tyre sealant in nigeria, our tyre sealant kit does not provide temporary fix. So far the puncture is not above 6mm (or a quarter of an inch) …you are good to go.

Car tracker nigeria’s tyre sealant uses a fast sealing adhesive gel to seal punctures in micro seconds while retaining the tyre’s internal pressure.

Looking for a tire sealant that will keep your tires in great condition? Look no further! Our wide variety of sealants works for all types of tires, and each offers a unique set of benefits.

Anti- Puncture Tyre Sealant in Nigeria


Fast Fixes punctures and leaks

Our tyre sealant fixes punctures and leaks instantly! We only use high quality products that have been tested and proven to work.


Prevents blowouts/bursts

Tyre sealant can help to prevent blowouts and bursts, prolong the life of your tyres, and keep them from leaking.


Lowers running temperatures

Lowers the tyre air temperature by up to 15%. This diminishes the risk of explosion due to overheating.


Suitable for a kind of Cars

Our sealant are industry standard formulation of glycol, organic thickeners and natural latex. It can be applied into all kind of cars


Extends tyre life up to 25%

Tire sealant is a fast and easy way to fix punctures and leaks, preventing blowouts and bursts. It also extends the life of your tires up to 25%.


Improves fuel consumption by 15%

Tyre sealant helps keep the tyres inflated optimally . By using a tyre sealant, you enjoy Improved fuel consumption by 15%


Preserves Tyres Pressure

Keep your tyres inflated with the help of our tyre sealant. Our product preserves tyres pressure, keeping you safe on the roads.


Save Cost On Tyre Maintaince

Tyre sealant helps to prevent wear and tear on the tyre thus making save more on tyre repairs

Ultimate Tyre Puncture Protector


Agricultural vehicles’ tyres without a doubt needs extra protection because of its extreme operating conditions.


Tyre sealants for construction and off-road vehicles is none negotiable for businesses that own these kind of vehicles. If you want to save tyre maintaince cost and also reduce down-time, then tyre protective sealant is a must have.


Our tyre sealant is designed to preserve tyres pressure and fill punctures instantly. It is easy to apply, making it the perfect choice for Logistics Businesses.


Our tyre protection sealant makes it impossible for tyres to loss pressure. This feature comes very handy for all military and para military combat Vehicles e.g tanks, Vans and Trucks.

Sedan & SUVs

Do you own a Sedan or SUV car? Are you always visiting the nearest garage to replace or repair your tyre? Our product is easy to apply, and will keep your tyres in top condition.


Tired of constantly swapping out your tyres? If you are in the transportation industry, you need to try our tyre sealant! Our product will make your tyres stay inflated for a longer period without losing pressure

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Injury of the size upto 6mm Puncture size can be healed.

Puncture Guard Tyre (PGT) can sustain multiple Punctures as long as injury has not damaged the Tyre structure and meets point no.3 above.

Puncture Guard sealant is applied only in the tread portion and can only heal injuries which happen on the tread area.

The Puncture Guard will sustain multiple punctures separated at least 1.5 inches apart.

Puncture Guard Tyre does not need puncture plug. The sealant lock-Gel will seal the puncture of size upto 6 mm.

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