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Vehicle Tracking

We offer state of the art car tracking service to recover your stolen vehicle

Fleet Management

Do you want to track more than 10 cars? Fleet management is the best option for you.

Vehicle Speed Limiters

Our Speed Limiters are industry standard and meets FRSC and SON approved specifications.

Anti Shatter Window Films

Our Anti Shatter Glass Protection films protects your glass against shattering

Car Tracker Nigeria Company is leading Car Tracking company

Track your Vehicle’s position here. You will need your login details to access the tracking dashboard

Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicle’s speed,current location and status anytime, anywhere.

Track on The Move

You can track from any location with your mobile phone. Even with a nokia 3310 Phone.

No Hidden Charges

Our prices are affordable with no re-ocurring billings. Yes! No monthly fees, No annual Fees.

Live Map Tracking

See every details of your car’s location. See full street address on our live map

Fleet Monitoring

Our system grows with you. You can enjoy our fleet management packages if you have more cars

Reports On Demand

Communicate with your car on the go. Get instant report on your mobile phone whenever you desire


Secure your Car Today with Car Tracker Nigeria Company!

Car tracker nigeria company welcomes you to our website. How secured is your car? Do you value your car that much? why not secure it today? Incidents of car robbery or Car theft happens every day in every country all over the world. Nigeria is not an exemption, we hear in the news everyday, how cars were rob at gun point, some are even rob by the the driver’s sheer carelessness. You can’t take away the fact that our security system is not as responsive as the western world. A report of a car theft will only cost you more money to start a search with the police. Our country’s system will demand you to get a report that your car was indeed stolen and after that, you still will be required to pay the search fee even though there is no guarantee that your car will be found.

Its pathetic, but you can avoid all of this by just installing a mtn car tracking device. There is no two ways around it, subscribing to a car tracking project allows you to be in control of your car’s where-about. You can tell at any point in time the location of your vehicle, if its parked, moving or within your location.

Car Tracker Nigeria Company is a subsidiary of impactcentric Techniks; a Nigerian security and surveillance company with its offices spread across Nigeria. We Sell and install the best car tracker system available in the Nigerian cartracking industry. Over the years we’ve been able to service clients in government and corporate organisations. Our huge list of satisfied Customers speaks volume about our service delivery.

Our services are not mainly built around car security and vehicle management. Apart from Gps Tracking services, we also offer installation of car parking management system, anti shatter window film, Personal or pet tracking,Under vehicle scanners,etc.

We are among the pioneer distributors and installers of mtn c-track Nigeria, which was the first types of car trackers in Nigeria. Mtn c-track was powered by Nigeria’s telecommunication Giant; MTN Nigeria and up-till date mtn track is still the leading car tracker system in Nigeria. Even though its prices is exorbitant compared to devices from other car trackers companies in Nigeria because the monthly and yearly charges, we were the first to cut off every extra charges from mtn car tracker Nigeria.


Our mission has always been to safe guard all cars in Nigeria by providing quality and efficient car tracking services for cheap. mtn car tracking device were usually sold for #120,000 but we brought down to #70,000 with no extra billings. At the moment, we offer this service at a more cheaper price even. Our sole aim is to be the most sort after car tracking company in Nigeria and we intend to achieve this by providing the cheapest but yet effective car tracking services in Nigeria.

No surveillance company in Nigeria will offer you a life long free subscription plan or even a longer warranty like we do. Our devices are rugged and reliable. We give 12 months warranty for all of our installations. Making our clients feel secured has been the bedrock of our business. We know you value your car, that’s why we go all out to ensure that we secure it at a low cost without tampering with the quality of our device.

So far we’ve been able to recover over 5000 stolen cars with the help of our robust system. Car Tracker Nigeria Company is among the few fleet management companies in Lagos that uses turnkey Gps Tracking software that is capable of showing your vehicles location in real-time. Our Portal shows a real live map view with street address enabling to quickly recover your stolen vehicle.

Car tracking Nigeria has tremendously improved likewise the car tracking devices we use for our clients. Back to 2012 when it all started with the mtn nigeria car tracker. Clients were not able to listen to conversations going in the vehicle neither did they have the providence to view inside their vehicle through the miniature camera that comes with the device. All of these and more is now possible with the latest devices and once again we are proud to be among the few car tracking companies in nigeria that install these new devices.

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If you are hoping to get a car tracker or you are looking for a car tracking company to undertake your cartracking installation then look no further, We can install and give you the best advice on car tracking system in Nigeria. Apart from our cheap prices, we work with our clients all the way to ensure they are satisfied. We use and sell devices from only the best device manufacturer companies in the world.

mtn car tracker and Tramigo are few of the indigenous companies that we sell and use their trackers. We advice our customers on the best trackers for every Job. Car Tracker Nigeria Company understands the dynamics of the market and we know that every customer is different so we try our best to treat you specially by attending to your every needs differently. Whilst mtn vehicle tracking is more popular in Nigeria, we don’t just recommend it for every prospect, because we know you might have some special needs with mtn car tracking devices might not have.

Again we are among the few car tracking companies in Lagos that gives our patrons free hands-off training. You don’t have to contact us after installation as you will be able to track your cars or your fleet of cars all by yourself. We make you in-charge, That’s why you don’t pay us any monthly or annual fees. You will only need us when it comes to recovery your stolen car or troubleshooting the device incase it develops fault.

Are you still thinking why you should secure your car with us? We know there are over a thousand vehicle tracking companies in Nigeria but the fact remains, none of these tracking companies in Nigeria can give after sales support like Us. In this business, after sales support is rare to find among the majority of car tracking companies. Most of these companies offers car tracking services at ridiculous prices because they are only interested in getting paid. When their attention is needed after the device is installed, they disappear, am sure this not what you want.

Whilst our prices are pegged at 60,000naira and 40,000naira respectively, we are very much aware that Most car tracking companies in abuja charges alot cheaper. Just like toyota and mazda are all in the business of automobile manufacturing but Toyota is more expensive than a Mazda because of its quality; the same applies to us.  car tracking companies in port harcourt or any other location accross Nigeria may offer the service cheaper, but definately not the same quality as us.  

If you could invest over 500,000 naira to purchase an automobile, why would you want to go for a cheaper tracker with less quality that could damage your car just because of the cost. Most of these low quality devices are installed for 25,000 naira – 35,000naira, The difference with our price is just 20,000 or less. Unlike other providers, You will enjoy peace of mind and better features with us. So wouldn’t you rather pay a little more to get quality and peace of mind?

We are customer friendly and we believe every satisfied customer will not only come back for more business but would come along with a new customer and this has been our driving force over the years. Make us your Fleet management company today and you are sure of a smooth working relationship. The benefits of making us your car tracking company can not be over emphasized. Perhaps as the saying goes; a trials will convince you. If companies like Dangote Sugar Refinery and Cormart Nigeria Limited can trust us with their vehicles, then you can be sure you are in safe hands. 

Feel Free to use our communication channels to get across to us. We will be more than happy to welcome you on board. If you are new to car tracking and you don’t how a car tracker works, please visit our resource page or use the demo link above to test how you can implement car tracking online and if you still need help, as always, we will be happy to help through any of our communication channels.

Car tracking Nigeria Company is pleased to announce to the public that we now install and sell vehicle speed limit device. This is relatively new and only approved companies are allowed to install the vehicle speed limit device in Nigeria. Our sister company is an approved FRSC installer and we are obliged to offer the service as a complimentary service to our car Monitoring packages. Incase you don’t know what speed limit device for cars is used for, You can visit our FAQ page to read more about it.

The Federal Road safety commission (FRSC), as the leading federal government agency on Road Safety and Traffic Monitoring has mandated all commercial vehicle owners to install a frsc standard speed limit device on or before October 1st 2016 or be penalized. This decision is necessitated by the ever increasing rate of accidents on Nigerian Roads.

The speed Limiters are here to ensure safety on Nigerian roads. You can now monitor the driving speed of your drivers with ease. Basically, With The speed governors installed in your automobile, it makes it impossible to drive above the programmed or set speed limit. So if we program 80KM/Hr on the device, it will ensure your car will not drive above the set limit. It does this by cutting fuel supply to the engine. To learn more visit our speed limiters page, If you want to get trained visit our Speed Limiter installation Training page

Introducing speed limit device for cars

speed limiters in nigeria

Speed Limiters for Trucks

Now you can protect your investment, Don’t let a careless diver make you loose your Truck to road accident. Tame Your Truck Drivers by installing our speed governors.
speed limiters company in nigeria

Speed Limiters for Cars

Are you aware 90% of road accidents on Nigerian roads are caused by over speeding? Install a speed governor today from an approved vendor and have peace of mind.
Thanks for tracking my wife’s car. The process was easy and fast, in less than 30minutes they were done.

Saipem Staff, Port Harourt

I buy car tracking devices from car tracker Nigeria company and they are the best. I recommend them

Computer Villiage, Lagos

We ‘ve been using car tracker nigeria company as our fleet management company since 2013. we love them

Sterling Bank, Abuja

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