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The cost to put a tracker on a car in Nigeria is influenced by subjective factors. Significantly, The features, support and the quality of the device-in-use are the major decider of Car Tracker price in Nigeria

For instance, the Cost of MTN car tracker is averagely between 40,000naira - 60,000naira. However, this is accompanied with an additional cost termed as renewal fees.

At car tracker Nigeria, we don't charge additional fees. All our tracking plans with the exception of our fleet management packages, are one-time payment. No renewal fees! ...Click here to see our pricing

We inculcate the cost of our installation fees into our prices, so unlike other auto tracking companies, We don't charge any extra fees for Car tracker installation in Port Harcourt or Abuja

Prospective clients can either visit our office which is located at: suite 207 Ohahuru Plaza,Oroazi by Big Tree junction or invite us to their location. Installation is free!

Looking for car tracking device with no monthly fee? Worry no more if you are a private user. We don't charge renewal fees or monthly subscription charges for private accounts or fleet below 10 vehicles.

We only charge renewal fees for our fleet management plans as it uses more disk space on our servers.

We don't see ourselves in direct competition with other car tracking companies in lagos as we provide solutions and services that are completely at a different ends of the scale.

However, our prowess as a technologically advanced team of auto-technicians can subtly be regarded as one of our bragging rights.

Coupled with being the only NCC licensed telemetry organization with a proprietary fleet management software and a native mobile app for IOS and Android.

Securing your fleet with us is quite simple. Firstly you need to decide which our tracking packages best suit your budget.

Afterward, you decide if you would want us to visit you or you would rather visit our office. We install at your convenience. With our presence in 16 different cities across Nigeria, you can be rest assured that we are closer to you than you can ever imagine.

Again, We don't take payment until after installation and testing …meaning you get value before making any commitment.

What makes us stand out from the rest is that we are the first car tracking company in Nigeria (actually Africa too) to have an app built on blockchain technology.

CarTrackerNigeria are currently operating in all major cities in Nigeria, this makes us more accessible and efficient than any of the competitors.

Our recovery rate of stolen cars is second to none. With success rate around 98%, the best part is; we don’t charge a dime to assist our clients to recover their stolen cars.

Most importantly, We are a team of experienced and qualified automobile technicians, so you can be rest assured that your car is in good hands.

We have years of experience in working on all model of cars, including exotic and classic cars. Check us out on Instagram

Finally, we don't charge renewal fees for our end user tracking plans.

If your car has been stolen and it does not have a tracker, there are still some things you can do to try and find it.

First, you should report the theft to the police. They may have some leads or resources that can help you find your car.

Next, you can check online classifieds and auction sites to see if your car is being offered for sale. If you find it, you can contact the seller and arrange to get your car back.

Finally, you can reach out to your friends and family to see if anyone has seen or heard anything about your stolen car. Someone may have spotted it on the street.

By taking these steps, you may be able to find your stolen car even without a GPS tracker

We offer a wide range of vehicle tracking systems to meet the needs of our customers. The different types of vehicle tracking system we offer are:

1. Private user Plan: This type of system is ideal for private users or clients with less than 10 vehicles. This plan comes with no extra cost

2. Corporate user Plan: The fleet management system is for clients with more than 10 vehicles. This plan is ideal for companies however it comes with an annual renewal fee

See our pricing page.

We cannot reveal the best place to put a tracking device on a car as that would be against our work ethics.

However, we can tell you that there are a few things to consider when choosing the placement of a tracking device.

The most important thing is to make sure the device is well hidden so that it cannot be easily found and removed.

It is also important to choose a location that will allow the device to get a good signal so that it can transmit data properly.

Other factors to consider include the type of vehicle. For instance, there are over 20 spots to plant GPStracker device in an SUV. This varies by the make and model of vehicle.

We offer installations at your convenience, We can come to your location at no extra cost, so far its within our coverage area.

To get started, provide us with your location, the make or model of your car and when you will like to have it done.

We currently have presence in the following locations:

Port Harcourt