Are you a fleet manager? Are you Looking for an enterprise system that can help you manage cost and also improve productivity? Then you are at the right place. We will be happy to show you how our services can help your business.

Owing to the numerous awards and acknowledgement we’ ve gotten from the industry during the past years of our existence, Car Tracker Nigeria Company is no doubt the best fleet management company in Nigeria.

Our services are streamlined to suit into any budget. So if you are operating on a low-budget and you want to explore the options of getting a fleet tracking solution then, car tracker Nigeria company‘s vehicles management system can do all that for you.

Car Tracker Nigeria Company, a subsidiary of Impactcentric Techniks is Nigeria’s foremost leader in telemetry and surveillance technologies. We put in use the best innovations for fleet management and vehicle tracking. With over 7 years of proffering unmatched quality of service delivery in the Nigerian security industry, we believe we are the ideal company for any business looking to monitor all their fleet under one platform or dashboard.

We use our exceptionally creative professional personnel, advance Technic and wealth of knowledge to influence operations for your fleet. We set up unified control systems to run fleet operations and maximize productivity. Our Vehicles management services are targeted at insurance provider, small as well as medium business, huge business companies, transport & logistics, car leasing firms as well as the private individual.

We offer Vehicle fleet management to a wide spectrum of car leasing companies in Nigeria and over the years of our operation we’ve been able to help top fleet leasing companies to save cost while they improve their profitability and efficiency. Our Fleet tracking system are specially built for fleet and asset and that’s why we stand out among other automotive fleet management companies offering same fleet maintenance solutions.

With our solution, you can easily carry out fleet maintenance which helps you to analyse your running cost and your workers or drivers ‘s work rate. If you own a fleet of vehicles, using a rich web-based interface, you can easily access the current location and status of your vehicles, carry out remote vehicle disabling, set up Geofence for your fleet and much more.

Basic Functions of our fleet management solution includes:

  • Realtime Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Driver management (speed, time and distance monitoring)
  • Reports Analysis readily available for Downloads
  • Server Client for fleet with large assets
  • Fleet Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
  • Corporate Branding and customization
  • Real-time information for management decisions.

Benefits of fleet management

The sole objective of fleet mangers focus on the following:
• Enhancing efficiency
• Vehicle efficiency
• Changing driver behaviour
• Improving productivity
• Minimizing overall transportation costs etc

How Fleet Management System work

One of the main works of cars management system includes but not limited to tracking of vehicle’s speed, location and direction. Others are fleet tracking device, fleet tracking system, fleet tracking systems, etc.

  • Functions of a fleet manager

The fleet manager is deeply committed to ensuring that your vehicles are running smoothly and effectively. This doesn’t mean that a fleet manager is ever committed to undertake all actions involving your vehicle. They take personal responsibility of virtually everything concerning your fleet.

  • Knowing what is there

A fleet manager should know what is in their fleet at all times such as having the serial numbers of several key parts in each of the vehicles. This will help you in halting any form of fraudulent tampering and organize a formidable maintenance schedule. Further analysis shows that fleet managers ought to collect all these information and store them via electronic means.

  • Keeping track of vehicles

Our system lets you know where your vehicle is at every point in time. With the invention of GPS readings, You can know your vehicle position with any gps compatible device.

  • Using data efficiently

As a fleet manager, if you have all the records about your fleets, you will surely make an informed decision about their likely life expectancy plus records of their scheduled service plans.
Do not over-maintain a vehicle, if your records say that your vehicle is consistently going for maintenance and nothing significant is coming out it, then this might be the best opportunity to extend its running period.

  • Managing users and suppliers

As a fleet manager, your sole duty is to manage vehicles just like managing people. So, make it a point of duty to manage both users and suppliers effectively and efficiently. You will be happy you did!

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