Affordable Car Tracking in Nigeria… No monthly or yearly subscription

Why pay more for car tracking services when you can get it for cheap. We offer the most inexpensive Gps tracker installation across all Nigerian states. All our plans are one-off payment for life. We don’t charge any monthly or yearly subscription. You only pay once and enjoy total security for your vehicle for life!

Track for Anywhere, Any Device
Enjoy the liberty of tracking your fleet from any where and any device. You can even track with a nokia 3310 or Torchlight phone
Listen To conversation going in your Vehicle
Be in total control… Monitor even the discussion going in your car. You are totally in charge
Monitor Your Vehicle's Status anytime, anyday
Yes! Our device allows you to be in total control. You can know the status of your car at any point in time. You can check:

if your car is on the move
The driving speed
If the doors are open
if the AC is turn on/off
If the engine is turn on/off

GPS AND GSM Tracking
Get accurate location of you car with the GPS map monitoring system. Our GPS Tracking portal shows you every details. From the street address, closest land mark and direction to your car location
How secured is your Vehicle? Do you know that the latest NCC’s Car Theft survey, states that an average of 10 cars get stolen everyday in Nigeria? And 91% of these vehicles are never recovered. This is because most of these vehicles were not secured at all or were secured but with a quack car tracking device. There are over a thousand companies out there, proferring car tracking services but most of them are quacks. The essence of tracking a car is your ability to recover your car in case of car theft. When you can’t recover your stolen vehicle, then you have invested your money in a failed car tracking project.

We stand for integrity and our goal is to ensure that every motorist or vehicle owner can know their vehicle position at any point in time. We are very much passionate about geo location strategies and applications, that’s why we built Nigeria’s biggest Online tracking platform for every car owners and fleet managers. We hope to make securing a vehicle as cheap as peanuts.

car tracking company in lagos


Our Record speaks loud for us. We are among the few NCC licensed vehicle tracking company in Nigeria that have been able to recover 100% of every stolen car tracked by us. If you browse through the internet, you will discover that there are different companies offering car tracking services in nigeria. Ours is one of the best. There are variety of reasons why you should use our services. Among the many assurances we give our clients, the crux of it all is; We must recover your car in any case of theft. No other tracking firm can give you this assurance for your vehicle. So if you’ve searching for useful information on gps tracking companies in Lagos and beyond? Then you are at the right place.

Our experts will monitor where your car is at all times, and what you should do so as to get it back. For Our fleet management clients, you can monitor and track your car all by yourself. You wouldn’t need any of our experts as we will furnish you with all you need to be self reliant.

The basic tracking plans are jointly managed by our experts and the car owners. The vehicle owner can start, resume or stop their vehicle in realtime. This means that if your vehicle is going to a place where you don’t want, or if it is in regions where you are not comfortable with, you can stop the car or disarm it using the geofencing feature. This can be done in a simple way, just with a click of the button on the tracking interface.

Most fleet management companies or vehicle tracking companies in Lagos promises to give you hundreds of features when you track with them But, none of them can boldly assure you of the recovery of your car in case of car theft and this what differentiates us from them. Over the years of our existence as a car tracking company in Nigeria, we ‘ve been able to server over 11,000 clients and recovered over 8500 cars. None of this firms can compete with our auto tracking system. No wonder we won the Nigeria’s Tech Bloggers awards for the ‘Technology Company Awards of the Year’ in 2010.

Due to the tremendous rise in the rate of car Theft in Nigeria, it has become imperative that you give adequate protection to your cars. Even businesses now install under vehicle hidden camera to monitor where their vehicles are driven to. Most car owners has resolve to anti shatter glass film protector to avert burglar’s intrusion. None of this measures can be compared with the confidence you get when you track your car with a car tracking device from a legitimate company.

In every incident of car theft, there is at least 65% possibility of recovering your car and these possibilities depends on 2 factors.

1. The tracker Device’s battery backup time.
2. The quality of the device installed in your car.

Keep in mind that not all car trackers are the same; some are more quality than others. Incase you don’t know this, any company promoting to install a car tracker for 30,000naira or less is installing an inferior china tracker for you. And the major troubles with these devices are:

1. The capacitor get burnt easily
2. The Battery Backup time is not usually more than 10hours.

From the above, If you install any of these cheap car trackers, incase your car get snatched by car robbers. The tendency that you will be able to recover your car even if you have a tracker planted is 65%. These car robbers are experienced, When they rob anyone of their car, one of the things they do is, they try to jam the device. The jamming instantly gets the capacitor burnt, leaving you with little or no chance to recover your car.

Again, Another tactics that is fond with car robbers; They drive the stolen car to a save place and remove the battery terminals for some hours. The cheap china trackers are usually known for low battery backup time and this again automatically shuts down the tracker, giving them ample time to do whatever they want with the car. We do not wish for any of clients car to be stolen and if unfortunately it occurs, we are always swift to recover it and this why we use only the best quality car trackers.


Most car tracking firms are ever ready to get your car back, but not all of them will get it in real time. With our auto tracking system, we will ensure that everywhere you go, we can be able to track your car. All you need to do is to alert us, so that we can activate your live tracking if someone is using your car-in this way, you can monitor your car and get to know where it is at every particular time.

All our tracking plans(except the fleet management plans) are once off payments, no monthly, Yearly billings. Stop paying more for less…Lets help you get great value for your money. Get a good tracking system today and install it in your car …you will never regret doing so. Our tracking system are easy to use, you can track with your phone or your personal computer, You don’t have to be a techy person to track your car with us. We will guild all through the process.

Contact us today for more information about our fleet management and tracking services

* Installation outsides Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, Enugu, Benin, Ibadan attracts N5,000 extra for logistics
* Our mode of payment includes: Cash, Cheque, Bank transfer and Online transfer
* Contact us on 0803 9422 997, 0803 7459 093 or hello@cartracker.com.ng

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