Do you have little or no knowledge about automobile wiring? Are you seeking to make more money in 2017? Speed Limiter installation is making installers millionaires already you know why? Every FRSC approved speed limiter vendors are facing the same challenge and what is the challenge? Installers scarcity!!! If you think this is just gimmicks, wait until i reveal to you this: Our Installers make a minimum of N20,000 everyday.

Yes 20,000 Naira daily for just 3 hours of work. We pay our installers 5,000 Naira for every installation and as you know the demand to install speed limiters is huge as The Federal Road safety commission are impounding all commercial vehicles that defaults.

On the Average we install a minimum of 100 vehicles every week; That’s 500,000 naira set apart for our installers alone. Remember we pay 5000 naira per installation, so if we get 4 installers to install these 100 vehicles; Each goes home with over 150,000 every week. So now, do you want to have a bite? Do you want to be an HOT CAKE like the other few installers that we beg to work for us? Then enroll for our training. The training is 100% Practical. You will be paired with our best installers on the field. You be shown how every thing is done and after 3 days on the field, you will metamorphose to a pro that can train others.

Why wait while other installers make all the millions. Here is an opportunity to make a fortune for your self Hurry now and enrol. Fill the form on the top right or call this Number 08177773519. We will be glad to have you onboard.

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