Lets Help You Provide Convenience for your Car Park Visitors While You Make Money in Return



Track for Anywhere, Any Device

Enjoy the liberty of tracking your fleet from any where and any device. You can even track with a nokia 3310 or Torchlight phone

Listen To conversation going in your Vehicle

Be in total control… Monitor even the discussion going in your car. You are totally in charge

Monitor Your Vehicle's Status anytime, anyday

Yes! Our device allows you to be in total control. You can know the status of your car at any point in time. You can check:

if your car is on the move
The driving speed
If the doors are open
if the AC is turn on/off
If the engine is turn on/off

GPS AND GSM Tracking

Get accurate location of you car with the GPS map monitoring system. Our GPS Tracking portal shows you every details. From the street address, closest land mark and direction to your car location

Car parking management system is a form of access control that aids car park facility management while generating revenue for the parking facility operators. This automatic parking system makes it extremely easy for you to control and manage your parking space.

Our Vehicle parking management systems are accompanied with robust parking management software that handles everything about your car park. The management software provides administrative reports, supply of all supporting accounts, manual collection of payment, automatic and control of vehicle flows.

Car Tracker Nigeria Company’s Parking system works similarly with skidata‘s car management system. But unlike skidata’s stereotype mode of operations, our car parking system design is simplified to manage all kinds of Vehicle parking spaces.

Types of Car Parking Management System

We install both multi-storey and flat car park management systems, so if you are concerned by your small car parking garage; a multi- storey system will be an ideal solution for you.

Over the Years, Car Tracker Nigeria Company, under the auspices of Impactcentric Techniks has been able to install our parking management systems for major business areas in Lagos and across Nigeria.

The Jobs we have done are not limited to business areas installations alone, we have also installed in high profile estates and few hotels resorts across these Various cities, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Delta and Kano.
modern car parking system

Who Needs A Car Parking Management System?

Are you a facility operator? Do you have a parking facility? Do you need a solution that can manage and also generate daily revenue for you? Then you need our Car parking revenue system. Look no further, our system can benefit you in various ways, see below the 3 applications you can adopt our system for:

  • Parking Assist System
  • Parking Booking System
  • Parking Revenue System


Let’s take some time to tell you few things you really need to know about vehicle management systems in relation to our company. We are confident that you will be happy for having come across this exciting product. It is essentially designed for every facility operator seeking to maximize their parking lot or parking garages.

Parking Assistance System

As a parking assistance system, our automatic car parking system provides a perfect solution for parking garages. It aids drivers to know where they would park and how long they are allowed to stay in the parking lot. This provides you with a proper management of your space without hiring manpower to enforce your visitor to move out within the stipulated time. Impactcentric Technik’s vehicle parking system remains your ideal solution for Vehicle guidance system. Our sole objective is to deliver high quality and convenient solutions to parking operators.

Parking Booking System

With the Car parking booking system feature you can know the number of cars or vehicle that visit your car park at any point in time. A well detailed statistic in graphical format is presented at your disposal. You can decide to reduce the parking time limit or increase it, if you notice you get lots of cars visiting on some certain days. This feature comes handy in every parking system design and if you lack this in your design, then you need to switch to our modern parking systems

Parking Revenue System

Yes! Our car parking solution allows you to make money while you provide convenience for your users. You can decide to have a fixed price for all users of your parking lot, or you might choose to only bill your visitors if they stay more than the stipulated time on your garage. Which ever option you choose, you are at the benefiting end as nobody would complain of being billed for over staying on your parking lot. similarly no one would not be please to pay you for providing a parking assistance system.

We can install this solutions any where across Nigeria. If you are yet to capitalize on the benefits of adopting a car parking system for your parking space, give us a call today, we will be glad to advice you on the parking system design that will suit your space.

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